Multi-Purpose Tents

Tent as a multi-purpose building structure have demonstrated their unique value and flexibility in a variety of fields. Not only can they provide temporary shelter and protection, canopies can also play a key role in a multitude of application scenarios to meet a variety of needs. The following are some of the uses of canopies in a number of fields:
Tent are not only an affordable building solution, but also offer flexibility and customisability in a variety of application scenarios. Whether they are used for commercial, agricultural, emergency or recreational activities, canopies can fulfil a variety of needs and provide a comfortable, safe and secure space. As technology continues to advance, so do the design and functionality of canopies, signalling that they will continue to play a key role in the future, catering for a wide range of uses.
Exhibtion Tent
Business and Trade: Many businesses use our tent canopies as a place to display and sell their products. Often used for markets, fairs and exhibitions, these canopies provide a space for businesses to attract customers.
Warehouse Tent
Warehousing and logistics: Canopies tents can be used as temporary warehouses and logistics centres for storing goods and equipment. They can be easily expanded or reduced as needed to accommodate different storage needs.
Event Tent
Events and Entertainment: Transparent PVC tents are widely used for organising events such as weddings, parties, music festivals and sports competitions. They provide a temporary venue that can accommodate a large number of people and protect them from the weather.
Wedding Tent
Using tents for weddings is popular choice for outdoor and semi-outdoor wedding events.Tents provide shelter from the wind and rain and create a unique and customised atmosphere,and the tent interior of the marquee can be decorated with a variety of lights and flowers
Sports Tent
Sports and Leisure: Aluminiium tents are also used in sports stadiums, golf courses and basketball court and football court. They can provide shade, allowing athletes and visitors to enjoy a more comfortable experience.
Canteens Tent
Construction sites: On construction sites,movable aluminium tents are used as temporary offices, canteens and material storage areas. They provide a sheltered and safe working environment, which helps to improve work efficiency.

About Guangzhou Pente Tent Decoration Engineering CO. LTD(Ferult)

Guangzhou Pente Tent (Brand: Ferult) is  one of the world’s leading membrane design and manufacturing factories in China! Our main products are built using all kinds of aluminum tent and all kinds of membrane structure tent,glamping tent,dome camping tent,stage truss. We provide you complete After-sale & Maintenance services.

We have worked with clients all over the world. Our aim is to make the best membrane structures and have the best service in the world. Quality first, brave in exploitation, forge ahead, continuous innovation, work integrity.This is in what we belief in FERULT! Good quality and perfect service is leading our company to maintain the foundation!

Aluminium Truss System

Arch Shape Truss
Square Shape
Roof Truss
Round Truss

Stage Model

Glass Stage
Assemble Stage
Simple Stage
Folding Stage


Free Customized Designs&Mock-ups

We can make the 3D CAD drawing free of charge according to your idea.
Dome Tent
Glass Wall Resort Tent
Luxury Resort Tent
Resort Pump Tent

Other Main Group Product

Swimming Pool Tent
Basketball Tent
Stadium Tent
Carport Tent

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will offer you design drawing free of charge according to your request !

1.Aluminium movable tent

we will make the Scheme Diagram according to your size

2.Membrane Structure Tent

Scheme diagram according to your size

Effect drawing 3D

Working project drawing

1.The price of PVDF is 10 times of PVC!

2.PVDF is used to make steel architectural cover,  PVC is used to make aluminum alloy movable tents.

3.Some client require to use PVDF for aluminum alloy tent roof cover. Because PVDF requires very strong strucure to fix it , it must be a strong steel structure to match PVDF. It need stretch very tightly by professional instrument when the workor installing it so that it can be appear the beautiful shape . Aluminum alloy is not strong enough for PVDF .

4. Our aluminum alloy tent roof cloth is 850G, thickness is 0.65mm, and the surrounding cloth is 650G PVC cloth, thickness is greater than 0.55mm. .PVDF  is 1100G/sqm thickness 0.8mm. Our guarantee year  is 15 Years,  life year is  50 years, PVC guanrantee year is 5 years, life year is  10-15 years

5.PVC is much more easy to installing compare PVDF for aluminium movable tent

1.Aluminium tent

It is very easy for install the aluminium movable .We will offer your the installing  vedion and insturcute guide for your reference to show you how to set up the tent one by one .

2. Membrane Strucdture Tent

It is difficult for you to set up the steel structure tent by yourself, we will arrange 2 engeneer to your place to instruct your people how to installin it .

  1. We have one easy way to calculate how many geuests can your accommodate in a tent . If you tent size is 10*30m ,   10*30*0.67 =201 seats guest you can put it into this tent(inculding you can put round table and chairs inside of the tent).  you can calculater like this way for other size tent also.
  2. If you need 200 seats guest (inculding you can put round table and chairs inside of the tent), 200÷0.67=300㎡  ,Then you can use 10*30m tent for 200seats.

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