Level 17 Wind in the Philippines But Our Steel Structure Tent is Still Here

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(Last Updated On: 2020-11-05)

According to the information released by the Philippine Meteorological Bureau at 5 pm on November 29, “Bei Mian” is located 1455 kilometers east of Southern Luzon. The maximum continuous wind speed near the center is 140 km/h (level 13), and the gust wind speed is 170 km/h (level 15). ) on 29th -OCT-2020, moving at a slow speed toward the Bicol area of Luzon.

Then there was such a news spread in the Philippines that when Bei Mian arrived, it would reach level 17, and the entire wind could destroy the Philippines.

Then, experts specially analyzed the result, used the data to speak, and completely shattered the rumor!

I wonder if you still remember the super typhoon Haiyan that landed in the Philippines in 2013? When Haiyan made landfall, the maximum wind force in the center was 230 km/h, and the wind was above level 17. It was a super typhoon and the strongest typhoon in the Western Pacific since the 20th century. It caused a devastating blow to many provinces in the central Philippines, causing at least 6,300 people died.

What about Beimian’s data?

It is predicted that Beimian will land in the Philippines next Tuesday. The wind speed near the center is now 139 km/h. In its heyday, when it landed, it was about 167 km/h and the wind was around level 15. There was a huge difference of 315 km/h when landing.

Haiyan did not destroy the Philippines when it landed in 13 years, not to mention that it was much smaller than Haiyan’s Beimian. Therefore, it is a rumor that the 17th-level wind king will destroy the Philippines. It is too early to draw this conclusion.

Fortunately, our steel structure tent is still here !

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