The Advantage And Disadvantage for Clear PVC Tent

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(Last Updated On: 2021-11-02)

There really are no words to describe the beauty  clear structure tent .  It is especially for wedding party tent .This is something that  you can show your guests beyond compare – a wonderful  event! The customed flooring with a stair entryway seen here adds to an elevated experience.

This  is the wedding scene but it more like a luxury dance party. The floating blue strape is under transparent roof tent looks so beautiful, which brings a low-key and luxurious feeling to you. I believe it will bring unparalleled shock to the guests who attend the wedding for the amazing wedding scene Arrange

And at night… the wow-factor once again shoots through the roof,If the sky have star, you can see it the star when you  have your delicious dinner ! Wonderfully expenrience !

But…!  Pay attention below disadvantage for clear PVC tent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1.  If you do the rent business, it is not for your .because the clear PVC easy to have white spoor if it is still have water in the surface and you store it in the warehouse . When you take off it and store in the warehouse, Please make sure it is dry!!
  2. It is easy to stick together after you store it in warehouse long time
  3. The Clear PVC is easy to become to Soft if the sunshine is too hot
  4. The Clear PVC is easy to become to  more and more yellow after six months later

Now we have a new clear PVDF clear Cover which can resolve above disadvantage, but …the price will be higher.and we need  2000 square meter for  mini order

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