Tips To Help You Choose a glamping Dome Tent Decorations And Make A Earthy Outside Warm Home

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Glamping is the term that defines the concept of “glamorous camping”. We like to think of it as a camping style, or a luxury camping without any hassle or hard work or dirt! combine luxury geodesic dome tent home with natural beauty and extraordinary elements to provide guests with a once-in-a-lifetime outdoor experience! Bringing us an incredible outdoor camping experience that is both beautiful and comfortable

1. You can put the dome tent at the field and Admire this beautiful landscape painting in the yellow and green fields.

2.Glamping  Tent In the fresh and natural landscapes of the mountains and rivers, strolling through the winding roads of the jungle, listening to the birds on the trees, stepping on the thick leaves on the ground, listening to the sound of the sound,  you will be  feel relaxed and calm…….

How to  keep  the glamping dome more warming in the Winter and more cool in the Summer?

In the impression of the most of people, Glamping Dome tent is a closed environment and it also has not ventilation installagion, therefore,many clients will doubt that whether it is very hotin summer or the temprature wil too low in the veening of Autumn and Winter in the glamping tent.Actually , do not ned to worry about this problem ,.In the design of glamping tent ,FT is equipped with certainly quantitative ventilation window designed as zippered and there are window scrrning or tarpaulin on the window,which can prevent mosquito enter into or rainwater infiltrate.To gruantee indoor nice and cool in Summer, you also can equip with AC when setting up gamping dome tent. As for insulation measure, we will add some insulating materials like insulated cotton and elastic cloth in the glamping dome not only heat preservation but also thermal insulation.Glamping dome tent also can be equipped with heating equipment like an electric radiator.heating radiator and carbon stove and so on .Even in a cold area ,it also can guarantee the temperature of the tent inside

How to prevent rainwater enters into insde?

The best way is to set up a platform which can solve the problem of water leakage in glamping dome tent rainy day .As for hte area with more rainfall and lower terrain ,we can set up a platform for glamping tent.The advangage is able to solve rainwater leakage effectively and make the apprearance of a glamping tent ,pre e;egamg as well,which let people feel safer and clean

Diffirent Door Type  For Your Choose

Diffirent Windows Type For Glamping Dome Tent


Wooden doors and wooden walls make you feel that you are far away from the hustle and bustle of the city



You Can choose below accessories make your glamping dome tent more luxury



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