How to Choose the Warehouse Tent!

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(Last Updated On: 2020-07-12)
1.It is the most simple to set up sidewall if you just store something normal.
This kind of sidewall can reach the basic requirement like sunshade, wind resistance and heavy rain.

But It looks not so Safe because the PVC is soft not solid!!!

2.ABS wall is currently more commonly used in storage.which has a good hardness, impact

resistance,heat-resistance,low-temperature resistance,chemical resistance, better,security.

But the Cost is much more expensive than PVC Sidewall!!!

3.Sandwich wall is widely used in architectural field including industrial and permanent building.

It has a good thermal insulation,sound insulation, fire and other superior performance.

It is middle price compare to PVC sidewall and ABS Solid wall

But the outside is iron it will be easy to rust!!!!!

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