What kind of doors can be used for a aluminium tent and what need to be pay attention for the doors?

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1. After finished  installing the door, the protective film on the surface of the door should be teared  in time. And Pay attention for the protective film when you tear it .Because the protective film can not be teared  with a hard tool to avoid to  scratches the painting on the  surface.

2. When pushing and pulling the sliding door, the force point should be in the middle of the door . Do not use too much force when pushing and pulling, so as to avoid the pulley of door  break away the door and it will reduce the service life of the door .

3, If it is too much big difference for the temperature between indoor and outdoor in winter and when the  temperature in indoor  is too high, it is easy to cause condensation on the glass surface. Please adjust the indoor temperature in time  by air condition or  properly open the window for ventilation.

4. Please take off  the Mosquito-proof windows in the windows . It  should be stored 1 meter away from the heat source, flat or vertical (do not stackable), and can not be squeezed with heavy objects to avoid to be out of shape.

5. Turn off the the door in time on a windy day.

6. It is strictly forbidden to hit the door surface with a sharp weapon to prevent scratches and other damage on the surface.

7. It is strictly forbidden to hang items on the door to prevent damage to the door leaf.

8. It is strictly forbidden for non-professionals to disassemble and modify the door to avoid damage to the door.

9. It is forbidden to paint different kinds of paints by yourself.

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