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09 Mar
Working day in china during the coronaviurs, maybe you can not belive, but it is truth!!!!!
Category: Purchase Guide
2020 chinese new year  is a pain that will stay with every chinese for the rest of my life for the coronavirus! In the past 45dys every chinese stay at home ,Now many factory co...
23 Oct
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The Way How To Reduce The Cost For Your Aluminium Truss System
Category: Purchase Guide
it is our patented products and it will not allow to copy for any factory !!!!!!!!! ,Aluminium 200*200  truss! 10way conection for every PCS of Truss  4.5KG/M  =Stronger  Every ...
22 Aug
transparent wedding party tent01
The Advantage And Disadvantage for Clear PVC Tent
Category: Purchase Guide
There really are no words to describe the beauty of a clear structure tent .  It is especially for wedding party tent .This is something that  you can show your guests beyond co...
17 Aug
aluminium door for tent
What kind of doors can be used for a aluminium tent and what need to be pay attention for the doors?
Category: Purchase Guide
We offer the  glass sliding doors, glass double doors, glass single door,Aluminium plastic doors,safety doors,rolling doors, electric rolling doors, 1. After finished  installin...
18 Jul
trade show tent 30m x 55m (2)
Use Temporary Building House -Aluminium Warehouse Tent For Storage The Garbage ,Rubbish,Waste (Easy to Building and Take Off)
Category: Tent Knowledge
At the beginning of January 2019, the Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment announced that it would be expanding its ban on importing waste. The initial ban, adopted in 20...
16 Jul
Knowledges For Setting Up The Tent And Tent Usages
Category: Tent Knowledge
Aluminium tent is rainproof, sunscreen, mildewproof and flame retardant. It is often used for outdoor weddings, banquets, receptions, celebrations, restaurants, promotions, park...
04 Jul
event party tent (7)
Tips And Ways For Tent Maintenance Knowledge – Keep Your Aluminium Tent More Longer Time
Category: Purchase Guide
The tent is mainly composed of two parts, one is an aluminum alloy main frame and the other is a tarpaulin. With its immediacy, large span, natural lighting, long life and beaut...
03 Jul
glamping dome tent (3)
Tips To Help You Choose a glamping Dome Tent Decorations And Make A Earthy Outside Warm Home
Category: Purchase Guide
Glamping is the term that defines the concept of “glamorous camping”. We like to think of it as a camping style, or a luxury camping without any hassle or hard work ...
01 Sep
warehouse tent wall
How to Choose the Warehouse Tent!
Category: Purchase Guide
1.It is the most simple to set up sidewall if you just store something normal. This kind of sidewall can reach the basic requirement like sunshade, wind resistance and heavy rai...
28 Mar
stage 3
How Many Loading Weight For Aluminum Folding Stage
Category: Purchase Guide
Folding Stage It is easy to installing and take off ! It will spare many space for your to put in the warehouse with small volume!
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