Knowledges For Setting Up The Tent And Tent Usages

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(Last Updated On: 2019-08-28)

Aluminium tent is rainproof, sunscreen, mildewproof and flame retardant. It is often used for outdoor weddings, banquets, receptions, celebrations, restaurants, promotions, parking, sports events, parties, etc.
Alumnium  tents are widely used in special exhibitions, exhibitions, exhibitions, news gatherings, security centers, VIP areas, conference and negotiation areas, catering breaks, temporary warehouses, guest registrations, sunshades, sunlit stands, opening ceremony, celebrations. Ceremonies, product promotions, sports events, business events, festivals, beer festivals, food festivals, field construction operations, army camping, field hospitals, temporary clubs, entertainment venues, leisure travel vacations, temporary warehouses, exhibition tents, event tents Room, leisure tent, storage tent, etc.
The construction site is not limited, and any venue can be built .
Grassland: It can be built on the soft and bumpy grass. We can use the fixing method of steel brazing steel frame to ensure a flat and stable base.
Cement floor: The hard cement is equipped with expansion screws to make the tent a very strong foundation. If you can’t break the ground, you can use the load-bearing plate to fix the base.
Beach: The soft beach is not a problem. When you build it with a load-bearing plate, a weighing floor or a platform, the tent can still be very stable.

Product installation: According to customer needs, on-site guidance installation and construction, generally 300 square meters tent, need 4-6 people, can be completed in half a day, span within 10 meters can be artificially built, more than 10 meters need to use forklift, 30 meters or more It is necessary to use a crane to complete the construction of the tent.


Warehouse Tent

Temporary Builing For Garbage, Waste, Rubbish

Wedding Party Tent

Exhibition Tent &Trade Show Tent


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