12x15m Top Quality Aluminum Frame Event Spigot Aluminum Truss Concert Truss

1. Material: Aluminum alloy 6082-T6

2. Color: Argent or Black

3. Shape: Custom

4. Certificates: CE, TUV, SGS


(Last Updated On: 2021-03-27)

12x15m Top Quality Aluminum Frame Event Spigot Aluminum Truss Concert Truss

Span: 12m


Height: 8M

support pillar  400mm*400mm truss

Beam Truss : 400*400mm

Cover:  Flame proof,  water proof  PVC


Aluminum truss systems are designed for a variety of applications and can be used to support lighting, sound equipment,

digital signs and banners. Aluminum is a highly adaptable, multipurpose alloy, and each series layout in our product line

features a specific load rating. We even offer heavy-duty configurations for more structural support. Here are the key advantages

of aluminum trussing.

Diffirent Truss Style 

Truss Size

• Versatile With Indoor And Outdoor Applications

• Lightweight For Easy Transport

• Resistant To Heat, Cold, Moisture And Corrosion

• Easy Conical Connection System For Quick Setup

• Tapered Pins For Easy Disassembly

• High Tensile Strength For Enhanced Durability

• Low Maintenance

• Long Lasting When Used Within Load Specifications

• Certified And Inspected To Meet High Safety Standards

Truss Parts Details

Diffirent Stage Can Be Along with The Truss System

Aluminum truss installment advice:

Span: 1-12m

If the span of beam is less than 12m you can use 300mm*300mm truss


If the span of beam is within 12m to 16m you can use 400mm*400mm truss


If the span of beam is within 16m to 20m you can use 500mm*500mm truss

Span: more than 20m

If the span of beam is more than 20m you can use 760mm*600mm truss

Truss accessories:

Workshop and Package


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