6M Diameter transparent front round dome shaped tent for outdoor galmping

1.Dome tent

2. Diameter: 6m

3. Temperature Capacity: -30—+70degree

4. Fireproof: DIN4012B1, M2

5. shipment: sea or air transport

6. Payment:T/T, Western union

(Last Updated On: 2020-07-11)

6M Diameter transparent front round dome shaped tent for outdoor galmping

The specifications of our dome tent 

Main profile:

  1. Available size: ∅26*2mm
  2. Material: galvanized steel pipe Q235 + powder coated
  3. Features: stainless, durable (estimated lifespan of 10+ years)


  1. Density: 850 g/sqm double coated blockout white PVC
  2. Material: PVC coated polyester fabric
  3. Features: waterproof, UV resistant, fire retardant (DIN4102, B1, M2 & NFPA 701)


  1. Glass door/ Aluminium door/Rolling shutter


  1. Stage/Cassette floor/Wooden floor


  1. Ceiling lining/Curtain

Fixing tools:

  1. Ground anchors/Weight plate/Expandable bolts/Drilling steel


  1. Superior enclosure with hot dip galvanized steel (> 60 urm)
  2. Temperature from -30 degree Celsius to +70 degree Celsius

Features For Dome Tent:

1. FAST Assembly – Our domes are affordable and the assembly time is fast. The costs of purchasing and installing geodesic domes
for glamping are typically recouped in as little as one season. They can be installed repeatedly and lasts 10+ years, ensuring
your return-on-investment for years to come.

2. ECO-FRIENDLY – Geodesic glamping structures can be built almost any location with minimal impact to the surrounding

3. ENERGY EFFICIENT – With the dome-shaped design, eco-living dome allows for effective air movement and constant temperatures,
maximizing the sun’s light and warmth meanwhile reducing cooling and heating costs.

4. MADE FOR YOU – You can add on a cozy bed, kitchenette, separate bathroom and an extra decking or complete the interior design
your way.

5. WIDE APPLICATION – Besides being a guest accommodation, our living dome tent is also applicable to school camps, remote and
regional housing, garden studio, then mining and resources etc.



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