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1. Aluminum truss system

2. 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy

3. Customized size

4. Delivery time 7-20days


(Last Updated On: 2021-03-25)

Aluminum trusses A straight length of highly polished aluminium trussing that can be used for any situation where an attractive structure is required. The aluminium pieces are easily fitted together with taper cones and pins and can be further strengthened with bolts. The structure will support lightweight fittings, such as spot lights and can provide an ideal framework for display work in shops, exhibitions and entertainment venues.

Aluminum truss installment advice

Span: 1-12m

If the span of beam is less than 12m you can use 300mm*300mm truss


If the span of beam is within 12m to 16m you can use 400mm*400mm truss


If the span of beam is within 16m to 20m you can use 500mm*500mm truss

Span: more than 20m

If the span of beam is more than 20m you can use 760mm*600mm truss


1.  The truss is made of aluminum with high hardness. material-T6-6061 /6082

2.  Each length can be o.5m/ 1m/1.5m/2m/2.5m/3m/3.5m/4m

3. Dimensions: 300*300mm, 350*350mm, 300*400mm, 400*400mm, 450*450mm, 400*500mm,

400*600mm, 400*800mm, 500*600mm, 520*760mm, 600*760mm, 720*960mm


CE, TUV, ISO9001




1. Easy and quickly to installtion

2. Used for small or big performances

3. Can be repeatedly assemble and disassemble

4. Small volume and light weight for easy transportation

5. With excellent anti-corrosion properties, the service life of more than 10 years


1. Beautiful appearance,  strong gloss  and durable

2. Suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor performances and exhibitions

3. Good service, fast delivery, Best price, High quality

4. Truss type: Spigot/ bolt truss: Ladder , Triangle, Square, Folding, Curve, Circular truss.



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