Steel Structure PVDF Cover Carport Tent Car Parking Tent

1.Pamanent Structure Tent

2. Q235 Steel

3.PVDF Cover

4. Gurantee year : 10years

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 Membrane structurewhich called tensioned membrane structure ,is a new kind of building structure.It through tazhe steel frame,steel column or wire make the membrane material produce a certain tension in order to form a certain space shape,composition can bear a certain tension stability catenary system.Membrane structure of the membrane material should be made concave and convex space curved surface to ensure its stability,so the membrane structure is called space membrane structure


 high strength but light weight
waterproof, UV resistant, heat insulation
self-cleaning, beautiful view
easy & short install


 *Material: 100% Polyester

*Finish: use PVC coated tarpaulin

 *Dimension: Diversity design,according to customer’s requirement


 *Recognized quality with low price.

 *Easy to clean.


 *Not be rusty & rotted

 *No beams and brackets.

 * More freedom of building physical shape

 * Better cost-effectiveness

 * A shorter construction style

 * Lower energy losses

 * Greater span of the building space

1. Cost-effective: About 1/3 to 1/2 lower than conventional structures on costs;
2. Short Construction time: Half time is saved compared to the traditional buildings;
3.Various Shape: Changeful supporting structure can make  lots of different shapes of membrane structure with flexible membrane;

4.Seurity: Membrane Structure can keep the good stability under the action of horizontal load such as earthquake;

 5.Self-Cleaning: The rain getinto  water to down on the surface of membrane and clean itself; 

 6.Fireproof: Fireproof performance of membrane structure can fill the requirements of US ,French,Germany ,Japan and other contries;

7.Large Span:The largest span of Tension membrane structures can exceed to 200m.


 This kind of Tension membrane structures can be widely used in seasonal or 

 permanent structures for indoor sports and recreational facilities as gymnasiums, 

 stadiums, swimming pools, cafeterias and food courts, exhibition and conventional 

 centers, canopies and vehicle parkings, etc  


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