Full cassette retractable awning with wind sensor

1. Retractable awning

2. Model: FT-18200

3. Sail Material: Acrylic

4. Sail Finishing: PU Coated

5. Scene: garden, home, shop, beach

6. Operation: Manual or Motorized(remote control)

7. Payment: T/T, Western Union

(Last Updated On: 2020-07-11)

Full cassette retractable awning with wind sensor


Awning Details

1. Name: Full cassette retractable awning

2. Model: FT-18200

3. Roller: Ø 70 mm, Ø 80 mm Steel or Aluminum

4. Front bar: Aluminum 125*60 mm

5. Square bar: 40*40 mm

6. Arm: 55*27/60*30 mm

7. Gear box: 1:11

6. Engineered for winds up to 160km/hr – 100mph

7. 10years structure warranty

8. Adjusted-angle: 5° to 75°

9. Frame: Outdoor Power Coated

10. Connector: Aluminum Die. Cast

11. Fabric: Polyester or Acrylic

12. Packing: Each PC/Carton

13. Max size: width 5.0M, Projectione 3.5M

14. Arms available: 1.5M, 2.0M, 3.0M


Products feature 

1. Awning with a comprehensive external shade function, reduce the indoor temperature, reduce air conditioning load

2. Awning with energy-saving effect,  on the perspective of energy conservation and environmental protection, the significance is very significant

3. Awning its shade cloth has a special anti-UV function






Packaging Details

1. Aluminum frame and fabric packed in bubble film then add carton

2. Awning parts packed in solid carton box

3. According to your requirement.


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