Glamping Safari Tent For Resort House

Brand Name: Ferult

Fabric: PVC

Size : 5*7m

Fixing Solution: Expansion Bolt

Wind loading: 80-100km/h

Snow Load: 75KG/sqm

Warranty Year: 3 years


(Last Updated On: 2021-12-31)

Glamping Safari Tent For Resort House


Our Safari Tents offer an amazing accommodation experience, surprise in a pleasant way.
The interior of the Safari Tent offers a pole free space. Because of that, we can create a lot of atmospheres and lay-outs that meet your wishes. From kitchen, comfort bedding, luxury bathroom till air-conditioning.
safari tent
safari tent
safari tent
safari tent


Our Safari Tents are made of a sturdy wooden pole construction, and are raised on a deck with a gorgeous veranda. The roof projects 2.5 meter over the veranda, so your guests have a beautiful place to hang out, relax and enjoy the natural surroundings.
safari tent


•  High-end glamping villa; •  Eco-resort luxury accommodation; •  Eco-resort family accommodation;
•  Restaurant & receptions area; •  Yoga & workshop space;
Safari Tent

Q: May I order a sample first for testing and advertising?

A: We are pleased to offer a sample for new customers without extra charges.

Q: Does this tent suit all cars?

A: Yes. This tent is suitable for all cars with roof racks or crossbars and it also can be mounted on trailers.

Q: Can you put my logo on my tents?

A: Yes. We can do customize and if you have your own design of the tent or you need your logo printed on it, please feel free to let us know.

Q: Do you have a warranty for this tent?

A: Yes. We have a 12-month manufacture defects guarantee for this tent and the manufacture defects here refer to the poor stitching, proofing, missing parts, etc.

Q: Can I buy parts separately?

A: Yes. On the principle of environment protection, we advocate to recycle and repair in stead of buying a new one. Therefore, we offer parts of this RTT and if any need, just feel free to contact us.

Q: What services do you offer?

A: We can do customize, such as the color, logo and other details; we offer free shipping insurance for every customer; we have 12-month manufacture defect warranty (the manufacture defects here refer to poor stitching and proofing, missing parts, etc.); if you have any technical issues about the RTT, we are also pleased the listen, discuss and help.

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