Indoor and outdoor Stadium Gym University telescopic grandstand bleachers

Moving speed: 100mm/s
Location Accuracy: +_30mm
Driving Motor power: 0.37-1.1kw

Power: AC 380V 50-60HZ(AC 220V  50-60HZ)

Lateral Depth of the steps: 800-930mm; 1800-1850mm
Allowed dynamic load in the step surface: 300kg/
Load of bottom wheel: ≥300kg/piece
(Last Updated On: 2019-09-07)

Indoor and Outdoor Stadium Gym University Telescopic Grandstand Bleachers – Buy Stadium Bleachers,Outdoor Stadium Seats,

Bleacher Description

 bleacher system has gone through strict and precise calculation and test, and all its metal parts are hot-dip galvanized. It has a good performance in withstanding shock, winds, high and low temperature, wetness, acidity and alkalinity.

Product features:
1.Available from 5 to 15 rows to satisfy various requirements.
2.Suitable in stadium,training field,racing track,school etc.
3.Seat options:Aluminum plank,Vogue,Coolin,Pour mold one-pliece seating, Luxe etc.



Telescopic seating system is widely used in variety spaces like stadiums ,

TV studios and all kinds of multifunctional places with its advantage in space saving.

You can enjoy all events sitting on the comfortable telescopic stand when it’s pulled and extended in a shape of steps. When it is closed, you can save a lot of spaces, and carry out other activities.Our telescopic stand is driven by manual and electric ,with the great structure design ,beautiful style, reliable safety measures and accurate locations.Easy operation , convenient maintenance,low noise are advantages of the telescopic seating system.


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