New design steel structure carport car parking tent

1. Permanent carport tent

2. Size: As request

3.Steel struture: Q235 steel

4. Membrane material: PVDF, PTFE

5. Port: Huangpu

6. Colour: White

(Last Updated On: 2020-07-11)

New design steel structure carport car parking tent


Membrane structure, also known as tension membrane structure, membrane structure is the most representative of the 21st century and full of future architectural form. Breaking the pure line of architectural style model, with its unique beautiful surface modeling, simple, bright, just with the soft, the perfect combination of beauty and beauty, showing a refreshing feeling, while the architect to provide a larger Imagine and create space.


Membrane specifications

1. high strength but light weight

2. waterproof, UV resistant, heat insulation

3. self-cleaning, beautiful view

4.  easy & short install

5. Chinese brand PVDF: 10years guarantee

Germany brand PVDF: 15years guarantee


Product Feature

1. Flame Retardncy: B1

2. Temperature Resistance: -30—–70

3. Surface Treatment: Double PVDF

4. Tensile Strength: 4000-4400N  (DIN53354)

5. Tear Strength: 520-580N(DIN53363)

6. Engineer would go to your city to instruct installin if you need


Packaging Details

1. Steel frame packed in membrane film

2. Roof cover membrane in professional PVC carry bag

3. According to your requirement.



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