Outdoor Marquee Garden Tent With Decoration

1. 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy

2. Color: white/red/yellow/blue or customized

3. Size: 3-50m width

4. certificates: CE, TUV, SGS




(Last Updated On: 2021-03-25)

Outdoor Marquee Garden Tent With Decoration

Tent Details:

European high-strength aluminum frame tents, no pillar interior spance can be 100% of use of space, the product can be divided into three kinds of size (small, medium, large);

Small tent: span : 3-12m, eave height : 2.6m

Medium tent : Span : 12-30m, eave height : 4m

Large tent : span : 30-60m, we accept OEM and ODM

Warranty period : 5 years

Certifications : TUV, ISO9001:2008

Tent Customized
1. Aluminum tent span arrange from 3-60M.
2. The length has no limit and it extend the bay according 3m/5m per bay.
3. The regular bay distance is 3M or 5M, and it can make other size.
4. The regular eave height is 2.6M/4M( height can customized)


Our Advantages for Tents

1. Our tent can decorate with roof purdah and curtain, to make the tent more elegant,marquee and beautiful.

2. Our tent can also be equiped glass wall or ABS wall to make it a real building instead of marquee tent.

3. Our tent can also decorate with wooden floor on ground to make it more classic.

4. All accessories we manufacture: wooden floor, glass door, glass wall, glass window, ABS hard wall, steel nails,

ground anchors, anchor puller, loading plate, loading box, sidewalls with PVC-clear window, decoration ceiling and inside curtain.


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