Plywood Portable Stage Outdoor Performance Aluminum Stage Adjustable Height

1. Plywood Portable Stage

2. Main tube: 50*2mm

3. Brace tube: 25*2mm

4. Platform: 18mm polywood

5. Loading: 700kg/sqm

6. Colour: As request

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Plywood Portable Stage Outdoor Performance Aluminum Stage Adjustable Height


Aluminum alloy assembly stage as long as the adjustable base (adjust the foot), tube (column), stage monolithic (bracket), aluminum stage plate combination.



1. Stage size: 1X1m,1X2m,1.22×1.22m,1.22×2.44m for each stage

2. Stage Frame Material: 6061-t6 or 6082-t6 alluminum alloy

3. Stage Board Material: 18mm non-slip plywood and temperd glass, acrylic sheet

4. Usage: Outdoor event,wedding party,performance and so on

5. Custermer Design: Any customer design is welcome


Features For Stage:


Every stage is single one you can assemble it without any tools.

This can save a lot of manpower.

2.Durability mobile stage platforms mobile stage platforms

Aluminum frame enhances the durability of the riser,providing a rigid quality product for years to come.

This  can make your stage platform build and carry without any damage to your patable stage。


Choose from a Variety of  patable stage surface finishes and colors to meet you need.Surface options: plywood, tempered class ,acrylic

4.Heavy load

Strong aluminum frame and 18mm thickness partform can load bearing 700kg/sqm.



Aluminum stage installment advice

Height: 0.4-0.6m

If the height of stage is less than 0.6m you can use 2steps stair


If the height of stage is within 0.6m to 1m you can use 4steps stair

Height: 0.8-1.2m

If the height of stage is within 0.8m to 1.2m you can use 5steps stair

Height: 1-1.4m

If the height of stage is within 1m to 1.4m you can use 6steps stair

Height: 1.2-1.6m

If the height of stage is within 1.2m to 1.6m you can use 7steps stair

Height: 1.6m-2m

If the height of stage is more than 1.6m you can use 8steps stair


Aluminum Stage Platform Application

The aluminum stage using humanized design, great appearance and simple structure, widely used in a variety of performance , wedding, indoor exhibition, ceremony, party, fashion show , real estate and other can be assembled into any size according to the requirements of the field conditions, and it is easy to assemble and can adjust the height, the stage performance is stable and firm, safe and durable and easy to transport.


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