Steel Structure Garden Corridor landscape canopy school aisle shade in Albania

1. Corridor landscape canopy

2. Steel struture: Q235 steel pipe

3. Membrane material: PVDF/PTFE

4. Fire rating: Grade DB1

5. Delivery time: 20-30days

6. Payment: T/T or Western Union

(Last Updated On: 2020-07-11)

Steel Structure Garden Corridor landscape canopy school aisle shade in Albania 


1. Electropolished Stainless Steel Frames

2. Provision for Electric Lighting and Heating Units

3. Full range of Dulux RAL powdercoat colour

4. 24 Standard Membrane Colours

Product Feature

1. Flame Retardncy: B1

2. Temperature Resistance: -30—–70degree

3. Surface Treatment: Double PVDF

4. Hot Zinc & Powder Coated Steel frames

5. Marine Grade Stainless Cables & Fittings

6. Engineered for winds up to 160km/hr – 100mph

7. Engineer would go to your city to instruct installin if you need

step 1: Rust Prevention

step 2:Epoxy zinc rich primer painted

step 3:Tower Brand pained the surface

Hot Galvanized Frame For Sea Side Area Structure

Membrane specifications

1. high strength but light weight

2. waterproof, UV resistant, heat insulation

3. fire-proof frame

4.  easy & short install

5. Chinese brand PVDF: 10years guarantee

Germany brand PVDF: 15years guarantee

Packaging Details

1. Steel frame packed in membrane film

2. Roof cover membrane in professional PVC carry bag

3. According to your requirement.

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