Skylight Dome Tent Room in a characteristic homestay from Guangzhou City

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(Last Updated On: 2021-03-24)

The design is minimal and tasteful, the geodesic dome tent house has a delicate

and gentle temperament, You can see the scenery and smell the natural taste in

everywhere, which is light and not greasy.

There are several tea tables and tea chairs in the sunshade pavilion in the

courtyard. It is so quiet with a faint fragrance of green grass and bamboo.

You can sitting on it, drinking tea and reading a book, the warm sunshine

will send a ray of warm sun into your arms. , Lazily enjoying a warm afternoon.

Wakes up from the sounds of birds in the early morning
Qingyang sprinkled on the bedding through the veil
Wake up lazily and make a pot of coffee in the geodesic dome tent beside the clear area

Need more products detail for geodesic dome tent

Put some umbreall outside of the deodesic resort dome house tent !

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You can completely empty yourself from here
Enjoy the sense of release
Beautiful moments in life
you will temporarily forget the reality at this moment

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