Which Kind of Tent is Better For a Temporary storage House

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(Last Updated On: 2021-09-05)

Due to the impact of the new crown virus epidemic, factory enterprises that produce goods can not send logistics promptly; warehouse storage problems urgently need to be solved. Still, due to high costs, long construction time, and other problems caused by distant water, the permanently fixed building can not quench the thirst of the dilemma. The tent warehouse production cycle is short, low input costs, fast transportation and assembly, wind and rain can be a perfect solution to the urgent problem of temporary warehouse storage.

      Outdoor tent styles are diverse; which tent is suitable for their temporary warehouse with it? First of all, consider the site where you want to install the tent; secondly, consider the budget, and choose a style that suits you. Generally used to do warehouse storage, the tent has three kinds: sliding tent, canopy (European-style tent), and spherical tent. Warehouse tent no special requirements for the site, regardless of sand grass, concrete, basketball court as long as the level can be. Set up a warehouse tent conveniently and fast. For example, within 1000 square meters of the warehouse tent can be assembled in 48 hours.

Push-pull canopy frame is a steel frame structure storage tent, tarp color blue, green and other standard colors. On-site welding, the cost is relatively cheap, determine the in and out of the installation location.

Canopy (European-style tent) canopy frame is a high-strength aluminum alloy profile, tarp ordinary color white; specifications are large and small (according to the width of the specifications), the length is 3 meters or 5 meters/spacing according to the need for free splicing. Typically fixed wind resistance of about eight levels.

For storage, top height and wind resistance have high requirements; you can choose spherical tent (Dome tent), spherical tent according to the diameter of the specifications, the conventional height is half of the diameter. For example, the diameter of 30 meters of the spherical tent, height 15 meters, covers an area of 707 square meters, typically fixed wind resistance of about 8-10 levels.

The size of temporary storage tent can be ordered according to your request. Leasing has a month, three months, six months or even a year and other different leasing times; the longer the leasing time, the more cost-effective. Welcome the need for temporary warehouse tent friends from all walks of life call to consult the purchase.

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