The Way How To Reduce The Cost For Your Aluminium Truss System

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(Last Updated On: 2019-12-11)

it is our patented products and it will not allow to copy for any factory !!!!!!!!! ,Aluminium 200*200  truss!

10way conection for every PCS of Truss 

4.5KG/M  =Stronger 

Every Truss Have 10 way connection, ond one end have 5 way and antother end have 5 way also!

You can connect other truss any way as your like!!!!!

Max installing Span width 10m, length 5M+5M+5M………………every 5m put one pillar for the length!

10M span width loading capacity test 

We make many stock in our wareouse for our patented truss with the BEST BEST BEST price !

If you give us 15PCS order will give you 1PCS freee of charge, if you give us 30PCS order we will give you 2PCS truss free of charge……………the rest order can be done in the same manner


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