Working day in china during the coronaviurs, maybe you can not belive, but it is truth!!!!!

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(Last Updated On: 2020-03-11)

2020 chinese new year  is a pain that will stay with every chinese for the rest of my life for the coronavirus!

In the past 45dys every chinese stay at home ,Now many factory come back working on 17th -20th ! Let me show you my  working day in Guangzhou City of China !

Let me show you how many tests for temprature for us when we go to working at one day

1 Let me go to factory for working

When you turn any road, there is have people test temprature to you and show your passcard whichis fer by your local village or Property Management Office!

2.  Arrive Facotry after 20mis

The security staff will test the temprature and ask you register your information at the gate

3. Arrive the workshop and office 

Near the workshop there is house made from our aluminium truss tent house for kill the cranavius for every entrace people!

we have some order for this truss system tent house since this month!

4.  Let me come back home after working

When trun to another Road you need test tempratrue and show your pass card again

5. Let me go  to market to buy some vegetable and meat !!

You need test tempratrue and show your pass card again !!

Everybody wear the mask!!!!

                                                                                                                                             6. Arrive Home Gate

You need test tempratrue and show your pass card again !!

Now everybody need regeste your information into Wechat ,and the app give your one QR Cord which is instead of passport card!

So that goverment can know everybody body condition , if you write fake infomation  you will be investigated criminal reponsibility !

The max period  is 7 years !!!!!!!!!!!!

And you need update your body conditon every 7days from the APP !


  Every 2 seats just can sit 1 people  for all of train!

I trust our great Chinese goverment and love my country so much than anytime



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